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Meeting Agenda December 16, 2021

Virtual Meeting via WebEx


1. Call Meeting To Order -- no quorum: Board: Marisa Tesch and Barbara Mamon, Owners Alan Parsons and Barbara and Abe Moore; Mgt: Eydie


2. Reading/Approval of Minutes from June 17, 2021 could not be ratified due to no quorum, at next meeting need to ratify plus ratify the Annual BOD meeting portion from the annual meeting. Also need to ratify the passed votes (none failed) without a meeting voting report 6/18/21-12/16/21 by unanimous consent.


3. Treasurer Report - Eydie reviewed the summary, budget and owner balances and answered questions.


4. HOA managers' report

  1. Updated Collections Policy--no longer filing the liens through mgt so no pre-notarized lien copies will be provided going forward with lien warnign letters, the attorney now notarizes upon filing.
  2. 2022 Assessment Invoices

5. Old business


6. New business

a. Winter Holds


7. Open Forum - Homeowners Questions/Concerns/Other BOD Issues


8. Next BOD/HOA Meeting - March 17, 2022


9. Meeting Adjournment