Section l. The Committee. The Directors of the Association shall comprise the Committee herein referred to. The address of the Committee shall he the registered office of the Association.

Section 2. Submission of Plans. All plans and specifications required to be submitted to the Committee shall he submitted by mail to the address of the Committee in duplicate shall be in writing, shall contain the name and address of the person submitting the same and the Lot involved and shall set forth the following with respect to the proposed structure: the location of the structure upon the Lot; the elevation of the proposed structure with reference to the existing and finished Lot grade; the general design; the interior layout; the exterior finish materials and color including roof materials; the landscape the elevation of the proposed structure with reference plan; and such other information as may be required to determine whether structure conforms with these restrictions.

Section 3. Standards. The Committee shall have the authority to determine and establish standards involving aesthetic considerations of harmony of construction and color which It determines to be in the best interest of providing for attractive development of the Plat, which authority shall include but not be limited to the height, configuration, design and appearance of the dwelling and fences, walls, outbuildings, pools, and other structures appurtenant to the use of a dwelling. Such determinations may be amended and shall be binding on all parties.

Section 4. Approval or Disapproval. Within thirty days after the receipt of plans and specifications, the Committee shall by majority vote approve or disapprove such plans and specifications. Approval or disapproval shall be made upon one of the copies thereof and returned to the address shown on the plans and specifications. In the event that no disapproval of such plans and specifications is given within thirty days of submission in compliance herewith, such plans shall be deemed approved.

Section 5. Variations. The Committee shall have the authority to approve plans and specifications which do not conform to these restrictions in order to overcome practical difficulties or prevent hardships in the application of these restrictions; provided that such variations so approved shall not be materially injurious to the improvements of other lots and shall not constitute a waiver of the restrictions herein contained but shall be in furtherance of the purposes and intent of these restrictions.