Section l. Improvements. No Lot shall be used for any purpose other than for single family residential purposes. No dwelling, residence, out-building, fence, wall, building, pool or other structure shall be erected, altered, placed or maintained on any Lot unless it shall comply with the restrictions as following:

(a) All buildings and improvements on a lot shall be of permanent construction, and no temporary structure, trailer, tent, garage, out-building or other similar device shell be placed on any Lot, except as provided for in this section. Garages, out-buildings and other such structures shall be permitted if the use thereof is appurtenant to an existing residential structure conforming herewith.

(b) Prior to placing any structure or making any improvement on a Lot and prior to clearing and grading of a Lot, the plans and specifications for the structure or improvement shall be submitted to and approved by the Committee as provided in Article VI. When constructed or placed on the Lot, the improvement and structure shall substantially conform to the plans and specifications as approved by the Committee.

(c) Prior to making any change or alteration to the external appearance of any improvement on a Lot, plans and specifications for the alteration end change shall he submitted to and approved by the Committee as provided in Article VI.

(d) Each residential building in the Plat shall conform to the restrictions on the face of the Plat relating to setbacks and lot coverage.

Section 2. Signs. No sign, billboard or other advertising device shall be located placed or maintained on the Properties except that a sign not to exceed four square feet in area may be placed on a Lot to offer the property for sale or rent.

Section 3. Maintenance. Each Lot shall be maintained by the owner thereof in a neat, clean and sightly condition at all times and shall be kept free of accumulations of litter, junk, containers, equipment, building materials and debris. All refuse shall be kept in sanitary containers concealed from view of any Lot, and the contents shall be disposed of off the properties on a regular basis.

Section 4. Storage of Vehicles. No recreation vehicle, including but not limited to, travel-trailers, boats, boat trailers and motor homes shall be permitted to park on the street or in any uncovered space upon a Lot. All such vehicles shall be stored either in garages or carports and shall be totally covered with no portion protruding. The length of vehicle or device shall not exceed twenty (20) feet and in the case of a trailered boat, the total length of the combination shall not exceed twenty (20) feet. The Association will have the authority to enforce these restrictions and to levy fines for violations as it deems appropriate. Such fines shall not exceed twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per occurrence.