2019-06-20 Meeting Minutes
Entered on Friday, June 21, 2019
 Updated Thursday, December 17, 2020

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, June 20, 2019

The River Clubhouse, 3611 I Street NE-Auburn, WA 98002


1) Call Meeting To Order/Introduction to Officers/Guests

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:02pm my Marisa Tesch, President

  2. Board members present: Marisa Tesch, Barbara Moore, Ken Harmon, Barbara Mamon
  3. Homeowners present: Ron Robinson, Arlene Fowler, Criss & Ray Vefik, Dirk Sundbaum, Barbara McKinlay, Greg Swain, Alan Parsons
  4. Guests: Michael & Eydie Leighty


2) Reading/Approval of Minutes from March 21, 2019

  1. Marisa read minutes from the March 2019 meeting. Minutes approved by Ken, 2nd by Barbara


3) Treasurer's Report - May 2019 Month-End

  1. Barbara Moore spoke about the last quarter revenue and expenses. There was an income of $7,435.72 and expenses of $4,482.55. There is a cash balance of $37,710.42; total assets of $40, 319.58

  2. It was recommended by the management company that we move more money to reserves to cover the cost of general maintenance and upkeep of assets. This will eliminate needing to include those items on the operating budget.


4) HOA Managers Report

  1. 15 homes with balances


5)  Old Business

  1. Community Awareness/Block Watch Program/Criminal Activities

    1. Nothing to new report. Continue to report any homeless activity in the park.

  2. No Parking Sign Replacement on 31st Street NE Entrance

    1. In progress

  3. Painting of Speed Bumps

    1. Quote has been obtained and approved by Board

  4. Future Meeting Locations

    1. Marisa will send 2019/2020 meeting dates to Eydie. Eydie will (attempt) to reserve the Auburn fire station.

  5. Reserve Study

    1. Will move forward with the reserve study.

  6. Other Old Business


6) New Business

  1. Updated Rules/Regulations

    1. Updated rules/regulations were read at the meeting. A few changes were suggested and will be added.

    2. Approved rules/regulations will be mailed out to all homeowners and will become effective 30 days after the mailing date.

  2. Parking Complaints

    1. There have been a lot of cars parking in the firelane. Ken spoke with City PD and they aren’t able to do anything because we are out of compliance with the signage. The board will work to determine what is needed to make the neighborhood in compliance with City requirements.

  3. National Night Out-August 6th

    1. Volunteers are needed to help with set up/take down, cooking food.

    2. Event will take place at the cul-de-sac of 30th St or inside the gate at Brannan Park.

  4. Other New Business


7) Open Forum - Homeowners Questions/Concerns/Other BOD Issues

  1. Homeowner presented the ACC request for color change.


8) Next BOD/HOA Meeting: Annual Meeting, September, 19, 2019


9) Motion to go into executive session

at 7:44pm MMSP


10) votes taken:

  1. to approve revised rules MMSP
  2. to approve issue hold and waive fine on 3876 MMSP
  3. to paint speed bumps MMSP
  4. to add Marissa to back account and get a debit card
  5. approval of paint color for 2 homes MMSP


11) motion to adjourn meeting MMSP 822 pm